Some of my favourite visual novels

Making visual novels is good and all, but playing and reading them is just as enjoyable and exciting. Here are a few of my favourites, that have influenced and inspired me for better or worse.

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First published: 27/05/2024

Getting Feedback

When you’re creating something artistic, whether it’s a game, novel, painting, or something else, you’re probably going to want to solicit other peoples’ opinions to see where you need to improve things. Here’s my advice about how to get the most out of it and get feedback that really matters to you.

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First published: 15/01/2024

Some of my favourite horror games

When done well, horror games are a damn good genre to play, and playing through them can give you some of the most memorable imagery and experiences. Here are some of them that have helped to influence and inspire me.

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First published: 15/12/2023

5 Tips for Creating and Publishing your own game

You’ve had an idea for a game that you think is really good, and you’ve decided that you’re going to go the route of the indie developer, making and publishing it all on your own. It’s a big job and one that’s fraught with pitfalls - here are some ways to avoid them.

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First published: 06/12/2023

Meet Our Artists!

Too Many Teeth Studios has collaborated with some amazing artists to help produce The Many Deaths of Lily Kosen. Learn about their previous works and their amazing talent here!

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First published: 10/01/2023