Artificial Nexus

A strange coffin-like device sits in an empty room, containing a girl with green hair. She emerges from it unaware of anything aside from her name, Susan. To learn about herself and what’s going on at this strange facility, she'll have to leave - but things aren’t that simple. The facility is under attack, and it will take everything she has to make it out alive.
Artificial Nexus is a hybrid point-and-click/visual novel. You will solve puzzles and make choices in order to proceed and uncover the mysteries before you. Will you be able to escape from this mysterious building? And more importantly, will you be able to discover who Susan is, and what she's doing here?

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Release date: Coming Soon

The Many Deaths of Lily Kosen

Due to the actions of a mysterious group, a demon is summoned, interrupting what was supposed to be a simple camping trip. Forge bonds with your friends to survive as you try to work out how to defeat the demon in this terrifying horror visual novel.

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Release date: 21/07/2023