The Many Deaths of Lily Kosen

The Many Deaths of Lily Kosen

Blood stains your hands. You gather your strength and stab the knife into the demon’s flesh, hoping that this time it will stay dead.

But you already know that it won’t. Because you’ve killed it before. You’ll kill it again. All that you can hope for is that your streak of luck continues, and that you continue to survive…but you know that sooner or later, death will catch up to you.

When did it all go wrong? Was it when you and your friends arrived at the local lake and realised that nobody was there? Was it when you discovered that your car had broken down, trapping you all there? Or did it all start a long time ago?

Whatever the cause, everything’s gone wrong. The actions of a mysterious group have summoned a demon, and that demon wants nothing more than to kill you and your friends. If you can keep your cool you can stop it for now…but what will you do when it returns next time?

The Many Deaths of Lily Kosen is a horror visual novel in which you and your friends have to survive a series of terrifying attacks. Your choices in the story will affect who will live and who will die as you proceed through the game, leading to a dynamic story enhanced with horrifying visuals and top-notch sound design. It is the debut game of Too Many Teeth Studios, and is the product of much labour and love. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we've enjoyed developing it!

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