Artificial Nexus

Artificial Nexus

“ I? And...who am I?”

Those are the words that Susan asks herself when she’s woken up in a strange, high-tech coffin-like device in an otherwise empty room. Beyond her name she has no memory of her past. A voice over the intercom, Hank, tells her that she’s in a facility owned by a tech company, but she’s never heard of it.

Susan must leave the building to find out who she is, but the matter is soon complicated when she discovers that the facility is under attack. She will have to use all of her wits and luck to get out of the building, but even if she can do that, will she uncover the mysteries of her past?

Artificial Nexus is the second game developed by Too Many Teeth Studios, and one that we're very excited to create! Building further on the experience and knowledge from our first game, The Many Deaths of Lily Kosen, Artificial Nexus features a compelling mystery that we're thrilled to share with you. You play as Susan, a green haired amnesiac who is trying to figure out who and where she is, whilst also trying to stay alive.

Beyond the engaging story, we're also excited to try out several new types of gameplay in Artificial Nexus. There's more to this game than just dialogue trees - you'll be able to move around multiple locations, interact with computers, and find items to solve puzzles. If you're cunning enough you may even be able to discover some hidden unlockables...

This project is pretty ambitious, but we're confident with the rate of progress and can't wait to get it into your hands! Testing has been going well, and the game's script has already undergone two drafts, keeping everything well within the currently-planned scope.

If you're interested in Artificial Nexus, keep an eye on our socials or join our newly-launched Discord server to hear all the news about its development and announcements. We're very excited to develop this and to share the game with the community!

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