Meet Our Artists!

Meet Our Artists!

Jin Amber

Hailing from New South Wales (hey, that’s in the same country that I am!), Amber is the sprite artist for The Many Deaths of Lily Kosen. While a few different people were initially in the running for the job, what impressed me about Amber and made me decide to hire her was her excellent communication - throughout the entire discussion, both before and after accepting the job, she was very clear and understood what I wanted perfectly.



Amber’s social media links: Twitter | Instagram | Youtube | Website | Discord

Ariq Althaf Fauzan

I’m not sure whether using Fiverr is considered to be unprofessional or whether different developers look down on it or what, but I’m bloody glad that I checked it out because if I hadn’t then I wouldn’t have found Ariq! He’s the one responsible for the fantastic background art in the game, and was incredibly helpful, delivering a large number of pieces in not only a short amount of time, but also providing plenty of requested changes and delivering the original PSDs when the job was completed. His art suits the tone of the game perfectly, and he’s done an excellent job overall, transforming some very basic sketches of mine into amazing photorealistic images.



Ariq’s Instagram can be found here.

Cody Webberley

I’ll fully admit that while I enjoy listening to music (who doesn’t?), composing it and knowing how to put it together to complement a work are very much skills that I don’t - and won’t ever - have. Fortunately, after talking to a friend I was pointed in the direction of Cody, also a fellow Australian (but from Tasmania this time). While Cody had to drop out of the project before completing all of the tracks required, the ones he worked on were produced swiftly and I’m overall very pleased with them.


Cody’s social media links: Website | Instagram

Soroush Abedi

Taking over and finishing off the remaining music tracks was Soroush Abedi, whom I also found on Fiverr. He ended up being an excellent fit for them, as he creates a lot of orchestral and epic tracks, some of which were needed for the remaining work. Soroush was able to get his work done well before the initial timeframe he gave me, and created some very technically complex tracks. Some of the tracks he worked on were inspired by music from Tengan Toppa Gurren Lagann, Fire Emblem: Awakening, and Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc - can you guess which?


Soroush’s social media links: Instagram | Facebook



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