We now have a Discord server! Come say hi, and stay tuned for updates about the new game we have in development!


Hi! I’m Harry, the founder and director of Too Many Teeth Studios! After years of my game development degree gathering dust on the shelf and an urge to get engaging stories out into the world, I started up this little company and began planning the development of my first release, The Many Deaths of Lily Kosen. While I’m taking care of the programming, writing, and game direction myself, I’m no polymath, and I’ve enlisted the help of talented freelancers and friends alike to help create assets and assist in crafting the best product I can.

Too Many Teeth Studios was named with the intention of evoking emotions - the sense that something’s just slightly off. The feeling in your mouth when you bite deeply into a slab of meat. The sight of something sharp and dangerous-looking. We hope to entertain you and provide you with unforgettable experiences when you play our games!